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 Special patented kneading cylinder NIC provides excellent dispersion level for colors, pigments, black, white, TPE and polymer alloys
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New type kneading element TKD supplies lower local heat generation and higher throughput
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Degassing Cylinder DGC is a better solution for increasing throughput and lower process temperature on bulky material
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There is optimum tip clearance to achieve finest dispersion
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Have you ever seen the inside of an extruder during operation?
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Original flow analysis software TEX-FAN is available
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JSW supplies TEX400 alpha , the world's largest twin screw extruder for devolatilization process
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JSW also provides originally developed loss in weight feeders
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TEX = Technology + EXcellence

The new generation of JSW Crotating Twin-Screw Extruders, the TEXα III Series
For JSW, the Japanese steel giant, it was only a small step to introduce the efficient high-end compounding machine to the market – TEXα III. The company has a long tradition and history in excellence and innovation. High Throughput and trouble-free processing are the hallmarks of this cutting edge technology. It comes as no surprise to learn that the JSW corporate value is ‘monozukuri’ (Japanese for excellence in manufacturing), the prime element in the JSW DNA. The result: outstanding products, innovative solutions, superb service, first and foremost – every time.
Tradition, in-depth application of expertise and a constant eye on customers’ requirements have led JSW to continuous success. Process economy and the environment are also top priorities. Today, the company is involved in highly engineered compounding equipment. Not only the for the standard range of polymers but also for complex engineering plastics for the medical, automotive, electronics and optical industries, among others, are efficiently processed.
Torque is a key factor in the faultless performance of the TEXα III extruder series. Applications include high quality economic compounding, masterbatch production, devolatilization, rubber/elastomer and dewatering. The beneficial results are complex mixing with highest possible throughput compounding and improved conveying capacity.
Compared with the TEXα II series, which are the conventional extruder from JSW, the newly designed gearbox, screw shaft (utilizing improved materials and new design) and barrels result in improved torque of the TEXα III by as much as 36 percent. Complex alloys developed exclusively in JSW’s own steel refining mills have been used to improve strength and durability. The obvious benefits are longer lifetime, higher output capacity, improved production qualities by more aggressive kneading and mixing, or reduced polymer temperature with lower screw speed, combined with increased performance, improved performance reliability and enhanced quality.
“As a major player in the plastics manufacturing industry, JSW is unique; the company benefits from its own ladle refining of special steel grades, based in Muroran/Japan. This is a vital factor in the production process for screws and barrels, where special alloys are a crucial performance enhancing factor”, emphasizes Tadashi Gion, sales executive and liaison officer at JSW’s European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany.
The latest generation TEXα series comprises seven models, with barrel diameters ranging from 26.5 to 129.5 mm, and a torque range between 387 and 43,969 Nm per the two shafts. A high precision torque limiter ensures mechanical and safety protection under operation with highest torque load. This is a vital measure to safeguard the equipment and prevents downtime. A water-cooled motor is optional, assisting in noise reduction..
Tadashi Gion concludes: “We support our customers to be market leaders in their field. That requires forward-looking technology, being ahead of the game. We have insight into the most demanding user requirements. Customers aim high and we have the same philosophy! Our Technology Development Center in Japan is one of the world’s leading plastics processing research facilities. Here, more than 10 installed extruders are continuously developing new processes and applications”
The next step in the product development is already well under way. The company has recognised the need for a more sophisticated lab extruder, tailor-made for the growing European market. This extruder, the TEXα will be exhibited in the upcoming IPF, Japan’s largest plastics industry exhibition, held in October of this year.
Filler/Master batch compounding
  • Higher throughout and low temperature extrusion supported by special mixing technology (TKD,NIC,SFD,Optimization of tip clearance)
  • PP Compounds(PP+Talc,CaCO3,Tio2),LLDPE+CaCO3,LDPE+Mg(OH)2,CB PC+TiO2,CB,Plastics Magnet(Ferrite,Nd etc)
  • High concentrated Master batch (Talc,CaCO3,BaSo4 ~ 80%)
GF/CF Compounding
  • Key point : Low temperature extrusion ,Uniform dispersion with retaining fiber length PA+GF,PC+GF,PBT+GF,PP+GF,PPS+CF,PEEK+GF,PEEK+CF,GF/CF roving.
  • Polymer alloy - Key point :Uniform dispersion of different viscosity/melting-point polymer PC+ABS,PC+PET,PC+PBT,PPE+PA,PPE+PS,Different viscosity PET,PET+PBT,HIPS
Reactive Process
  • Key point :High level of temperature and mixing control technology ,Long L/D,Simulation with TEX-FAN
  • Polyurethane,polyconcensation(cf.PA condensation),Polymer grafting,Cross-linking reaction,Cross link breaking,Decomposition Reaction.
  • Key point:Removal of residual monomer/oligomer,solvent and solution.High level of temperature and mixing control technology,Know-how and Experience of Scale-up prediction of devolatilizing efficiency used by Devol.TEX-FAN
  • Thermoplastics Elastomer,PMMA,POM,EPDM,EPM,LLDPE,HDPE,PC,PS etc.
  • Key Point : Complicated machines conbination can be replaced by only one TEX.
  • wet Clump(SBS,SBR),ABS,link,PPS,PC,EPDM,SIS,SEBS,CR,IR,Natural Rubber,LATEX
Biomass Compounding
  • Key Point :Mixing,Energy input & temperature,Residence time control,Feeding of variant materials with a high degree of accuracy,High wear and corrosion resistant material
  • Plant fiber,starch,wood,flour,cellulose etc.
Special extrusion process
  • Food,LFT-D,Supercritical carbon dioxide mixing,Thermoset polymer(PF,PUR,Epoxy),Nano-composite(CNT,Nano-clay).Tonner,ceramics

  • Highest Torque Available – It has 36% higher torque than our bestselling extruder TEXα series.
  • High Throughput The highest allows 50% higher throughput than TEXα II series.
  • Lower Polymer Temperatures It provides provide lower polymer temperature that TEXα II series could not implement.
  • It is possible to transfer known-how and mixing technology accumulated by TEXα II series.
  • Stable Operation/Improved Rellablility
Feature Torque:
  • TEXα III series is the most capable twin screw extruders produced by JSW.it allows us to provide the highest quality and throughput due to higher torque.
  • TEXα III allows 50% higher throughput and -10° C decrease polymer temperature than TEXα II.
Feature Die & Die Head
  • Die heads are designed with optimized polymer flow channels based on our latest polymer flow-analysis results and are used for polymers with wide range of viscosities and throughputs to produce stable strands coming out of strand die.
Feature Screw/Barrel
  • The material and spline design has been updated and improved. JSW has developed a high strength spline shaft that has exceptional torque and reliability. The L/D of 1 id the same as the existing TEX design(3.5d).
  • Screw of TEXα III series is basically same design as that of TEXα II series. It enables to use extension existing know-how because of identical conveying and kneading capability.
Feature Gear Box
  • The TEXα III Gear Box has an improved design with optimized Gear and Bearing locations. The New Gear Box Design has exceptionally high torque and reliability.

TEX 25 α III Released!!
World Highest Level Performance Compact Twin Screw Extruder
JSW’s ‘Twin Screw Extruder series’ have been supplied more than 2,000 units and continuously supported by our customers. We introduce our newest series of ‘TEX 25 α’, the world highest class performance and compact twin design screw extruder to meet customer’s needs.
  • High performance twin screw extruder suitable for R&D(World top class operation torque and compact design.)
  • Easy operation
  • R&D support tool (Mixing simulation software ‘TEX-FAN’ is provided)
  • Variety of options are available
Basic specification: TEX 25 α-52.5CW-4V(L/D=52.5)
High performance twin screw extruder for R&D:
Super high-torque, individual barrel temperature control, wear resistant screw and barrel are provided as same as “TEX α” series.V-belt driven motor will enable compact and space saving machine. Direct drive is available as an option.Three (3) types of L/D, 42=12 Blocks, 52.5 = 15 Blocks and 70 = 20 Blocks are available.Spare screw pieces and heaters will be provided.
Easy operation
JSW’s unique clamp barrel mechanism and cartridge heater enable you to exchange barrel easily.(Patent:JP4192170)

Easy barrel replacementby patended clamp device
R&D support tool
‘TEX-FAN’, Flow Analysis Network, will help you to analyze polymer
pressure, polymer temperature, residence time, and fill factor by JSW
own computer analysis software.
TEX-FAN’ can help extruder process development more efficiently.

Mixing stimulation software "TEX-FAN" Patent: JP3679392, JP3795852
Compact weighing feeders(TTF-20, STF-15), Side feeder(TSF25), Side feeder with degassing function(SFD-25), Liquid injection nozzle(with plug), Barrel cooling water unit, Vacuum pump, Liquid injection pump, Strand bath,
Strand cutter, Gear pump, Under Water Cutter + Pellet Conveying Water device, Screen changer, Compacter, etc.Details to discuss with JSW.