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 Special patented kneading cylinder NIC provides excellent dispersion level for colors, pigments, black, white, TPE and polymer alloys
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New type kneading element TKD supplies lower local heat generation and higher throughput
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Degassing Cylinder DGC is a better solution for increasing throughput and lower process temperature on bulky material
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There is optimum tip clearance to achieve finest dispersion
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Have you ever seen the inside of an extruder during operation?
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Original flow analysis software TEX-FAN is available
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JSW supplies TEX400 alpha , the world's largest twin screw extruder for devolatilization process
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JSW also provides originally developed loss in weight feeders
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JSW launches new “TEX-V” series!
New series of Twin Screw Extruder

TEX-V series utilizes a deeper screw channel depth. Free volume of the extruder is increased approximately 20% over TEX-alfa2 series due to the increased screw channel depth. The benefits of increased volume are higher throughput and lower polymer temperature.

Benefits of the TEX-V series:
  • Increased throughput
    Deeper screw channel enables 20% higher throughput than TEX alfa2 series

  • Devolatilizing process benefits:
    Increased free volume enables higher polymer surface renewal resulting in improving devolatilizing capability.

  • Available TEX-V series models include:
    TEX28V, TEX48V, TEX59V, TEX72, TEX86 and TEX101V
 Outline of TEX28V
Low Price & Excellent Value!
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High Cost Performance!
  • 30 HP AC motor
  • 1200 rpm
  • 42:1 L/D (Based diameter: 28 mm)
  • High Torque Gear Box
  • Swing-away die & Breaker plate
  • Four Vent barrels including Side Feed barrel
  • Color LCD Touch-screen Operation panel
  • Allen Bradley PLC (JSW original EXANET also available)
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Spare Parts Included
  • Screw Elements
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Vent Plug
  • Special Tools
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  • Side Feeder
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Barrel Cooling Water Unit
  • Water bath, Air knife, Pelletizer combination Unit

JSW will install “TEX” at GE Plastics in Spain
Devolatilization Twin Screw Extruder

Marubeni Techno-Systems Corp., Tokyo Japan (hereafter called MTS) and Japan Steel Works, Ltd., Tokyo Japan, (hereafter called JSW)
announced they received an order for a devolatilizing twin screw extruder (hereafter called TEX) from GE Plastics. The equipment will be delivered in August 2006.

The extruder will be delivered to GE Plastics Cartagena, Spain Engineering Plastics site.

This TEX offers both high quality product and a cost effective solution to GE Plastics Cartahena.
As a global leader in the twin screw devolatilization process, JSW has vast experience and resources to call upon and intends to expand business in this field.

To enhance customer service and support in the U.S. market, JSW and MTS opened a state of the art technical center in Edinburgh, Indiana in 2003.

The Technical Center features a complete compounding extruder line with all necessary ancillary equipment for customer trials and demonstration. Our Technical Center will enable JSW engineers to quickly respond to the many technical challenges faced by our customers. As a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of twin screw extruders, JSW has a vast amount of process knowledge and trial experience applicable to the ever-changing trends in the compounding market. Whether its color concentrates, wood flour, nanocomposites, reactive extrusion, devolatilizing or de-watering; JSW offers unsurpassed experience and technology for any application. Current twin screw sizes range from our 20mm laboratory extruder to the world's largest 443mm production twin screw extruder. No matter the challenge, JSW has the solution

.In an effort to best meet our customer's needs, the Technical Center also stocks spare parts for immediate delivery. In addition, process engineers, service engineers and sales staff are located and supported through the Technical Center.
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